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I watch a lot of TV so when I was trying to figure out what to title this post, all I could think of was the clips they show you before a new episode begins. It’s been about a month since my last “real” post so I feel like to catch up I have to stick with the clip version or this would turn into a miniseries.

riding in styleThe drive across the country was largely uneventful diabetes-wise. That in itself may have been remarkable considering the amount of fast food and gas station snack food consumed. Sometimes I think packaged food may be “easier” to eat with diabetes because you know a pretty accurate carb count for a serving size.

I had a small insulated lunch bag that I stored my insulin in during the trip with a few ice packs. Most of the hotels we stayed at did not have refrigerators in the room but they would put the ice packs in the lobby freezer so they would be ready for me in the morning.

across the country

I moved exceptionally close to family so when my dad and I arrived in town early afternoon on Superbowl Sunday, we had just enough people and just enough time to unload the truck before kick off.

I wrote a quick post on the day I celebrated my 10th diaversary.

Nine days later I celebrated my birthday.

pots de creme for my birthday

In between those two dates, I started my new job. Little by little I am explaining the beeps and buzzes that come from my side of the office. Pretty much everything about this job – the hours, the people, the environment, the routine – is different from my previous job. I think there are going to be some unique opportunities here and I am excited to explore them.

I am completely addicted to Candy Crush and it is all Meri Schuhmacher’s fault. The only relief is the satisfaction in blowing up all that sugar.

Crush ALL the candy

I watched my niece and nephews over night on Valentine’s Day. One of the kids had some trouble sleeping and I was up every few hours throughout the night. I felt like I got a glimpse into the nightlife of the parents of children with diabetes and it is not something I am interested in repeating.

And with that, I think I’m all caught up!


  • First – where does one get one of those “thingamabobs” that is shown with your hotel locations. I would like to lie and say I want one for one of my kids but honestly I want one for me.
    Second – road trip food sucks. What’s worse is every road trip we take I pack a cooler with healthy foods and pre-made sandwiches – at the end of the trip I toss most of it along with the fast food wrappers and bags.
    Third- great planning regarding arriving when all sorts of folks were nicely gathered to help unload uhaul – total win.

  • You got it! Having a child with diabetes is akin to having a newborn…who never grows up and never sleeps through the night. I am up a minimum of 3 times every night. And the funny thing is, if I wasn’t, I couldn’t sleep! Having the alarms set, knowing I can check every 1 1/2 to 2 hours helps me sleep the few precious hours that I do. And I’m not complaining. No one told me to do this; in fact, most might consider it obsessive. But, for example,once, her Dexcom was screaming at me an hour and a half after I put her to bed at 156mg/dl thinking she would be great until my alarm went off 2 hours later. She was 52mg/dl. How low would she have been if I had waited and checked her at 2 am…the standard recommendation? There are too many variables to have any assurance of not going low overnight…or of not needing extra insulin, for that matter. So, yes, up all night, by choice, in order to sleep!

  • happy travels! I’ve found hotels are usually pretty awesome with keeping ice packs cold. I had a lot of hotels even store my insulin in their kitchen fridge for the night. One awesome thing about hotels? there’s always ice machines!

  • I was hoping you were giving it to your niece, but lets be honest had I gotten to take the sucker home with me, it would not have made it in any of the Christmas presents. He/She is quite the character.

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