I’m starting to crack

There is quite a different in humidity levels between tropical south Florida and the high desert of Nevada. My body is starting to show evidence of the difference.

My hair is so full of static that I end up pulling it back in a ponytail by the end of the day in frustration.

I’ve started carrying lotion and lip gloss on me at all times to try to stop the cracking and the splitting.

Worst of all, when I take my beloved Opsite Flexifix off my pump sites, it looks (and feels) like it has burned my skin. *

I took this picture five days after I removed the piece of tape from my skin. It feels about as bad as it looks, unless the lizard look is “in” this season.

lizard ALL the skin

Seriously though, what do you guys do? Moisturize before? Does stuff still stick? Some sort of barrier (IV Prep gives me hives)? Just treat the dry scaly mess after?

*Interesting to note that it is doing this with the pump sites on my midsection but not the DexCom on my arm. I’d blame it on the insulin but as you can see it is even doing it under the secondary disconnect site that is nothing more than a glorified sticker. Different adhesives?


  • Looks ouchy! We use Aveeno baby eczema therapy lotion after removing tagaderm. It’s helped alot- not 100% but if I helped her use it regularly instead of just when we remove it and before inserting again in 7 days I’m sure we’d get better results. First sample came from our Dr office, then I found it at Walmart with the baby wash, etc.

  • Awwww, as a Vermonter, we get realllllllly dry during the winter and I keep a huge bottle of Aveeno lotion nearby. And then little bottles tucked in my car, my purse, in the kitchen….everywhere. Same goes for a variety of intense lip balm things.

    But…hopefully you’ll enjoy the lack of humidity in the summertime 😉

  • I can’t really offer any suggestions, but I can definitely sympathize. This is my third winter living in my current home and, unlike my previous home, it has forced hot-air heat. This is VERY drying to the skin. My lips and hands burn when I move them, and a crack on my thumb looks like it was cut by a knife.

    I should probably set up a humidifier in the house (maybe so should you), but the thing is so loud it sounds like a motorcycle revving its engine constantly. I’d be eager to see what other comments you get, and maybe I could borrow some of the suggestions for myself.

  • Ouch! That looks like my sweet girls bottom all the time 🙁 we don’t moisturize before because I would be afraid it wouldn’t stick. We do put on vitamin e oil after we take off the tegaderm. I am going to give some of these other things a try, too!

  • Hopefully your body will adjust with a bit more time. When I remove pods (or infusion sets) and Dexcom sensors, I use some hydrocortisone cream to calm any irritation. I think it really helps since I rarely get long lasting marks. I hope you find something that works.

  • I’m in the Nevada desert too! I make sure I moisturize (Cetaphil is my preference) my entire body, except where my sensor goes, after every shower. After removing the sensor I make sure to moisturize that area and even rub some baby oil on it if necessary. Hydrocortizone works well too as someone else mentioned. Hope you find something that works for you. I know how irritating it can be!

  • Oh no … I was just at the doctor about adhesive rashes again today. I hope your burn isn’t the beginning of what I am wrangling in. Have you tried Curel’s crazy ass healing cream*? Also, I second the hydrocortisone cream recommendation. Skin rashes suck, and I’m so with you on that. I hope you’re de-lizarded soon.

    * not the actual name, but should be

  • Someone in the Dexcom group at TuDiabetes mentioned putting Skin Tac on the adhesive part of the sensor, letting it dry, and then attaching it. Since doing that, I haven’t needed to use Opsite Flexifix. I get two weeks from a sensor and at most have to touch up an edge or two with a Q-tip of Skin Tac halfway through. Before that I was having to apply Flexifix after 3 or 4 days. Don’t know if you react to Skin Tac but this at least might help you get rid of the large footprint of Flexifix.

  • Welcome to the dry fun. Wish I could help with the sensor site issues, but Curel is the best for dry skin…only discovered it last year when I got the tattoo, and it turns out, it’s been my best lotion for winter since I moved here 15 years ago.

  • We’re dealing with rashes as well. I’ve exhausted all barriers, wipes, topical creams, allergy medications and Western Medicine solutions in general. Going Eastern tomorrow. Will let you know what I find out. In the meantime, here’s a slew of things to try: Barriers underneath sites: Tegaderm & IV3000. Kerri at Sixuntilme just posted about something called Tough Pads and I’ve ordered up a few. Wipes underneath site: Skintac, skinprep, Bard’s Barrier Wipes, Cavilon. Sprays underneath site: Cortaid spray. Cream underneath site: hydrocortisone cream or get an Rx for aclovate (low dose corticosteroid) or Triamcinolone(mega corticosteroid).

    Right now we have to treat the inflamed site areas with epiceram cream and aclovate cream twice a day (both Rx). Seems to help with clearing up the rash but have yet to figure out how to stop the darned thing in the first place! Also eliminate all things like smelly shampoos & dryer softener/sheets. Go hypo-allergenic on everything. We also do benadryl at night and Zyrtec in the morning.

    Best of luck to you & your rashes. It’s no fun.

  • Hi Sara,

    That skin site looks painful! I’ve been using a pump for 24 years now, and my skin has become very sensitive to any sharp adhesive edges. My saving grace is Bard Skin-prep. It puts a thin skin-friendly shellac layer that creates a barrier between you and the adhesive. It also makes the adhesive stick better. I use it for bandaids, also. There may even be a hypoallergenic one, too.

    And, as for the dry skin, I use pure coconut oil – the kind you can buy at any food store for cooking. I tend to get the organic brand at Trader Joe’s. I use it directly on any area of my skin (including in my eyes at night because I have dry eyes), and although it leaves a greasy feeling on your skin if you use too much, you can either wipe it off, or let it absorb.. It is lubricating, anti-bacterial and anti-viral (they say). My daughter uses it in her hair as a conditioner. You can also use it for cooking 🙂

    Good luck! hilary

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