JDRF Hope and Health Symposium

After so many years expressing frustration with the lack of activity in my local JDRF chapter, it was only fitting that within my first month here, I was already able to attend an exciting event with my new JDRF chapter – the Hope and Health Symposium.

I didn’t take as many pictures or notes as I thought I would, but that was mostly because I was meeting all my new diabetes friends and spending as much time as I could hanging out with the “old” ones.

Emilys dadThe phrase that stood out to me from the event came from Dayton Coles, from the JDRF International Board of Chancellors and also Emily’s dad.

In pursuit of a cure, he explained that a focus of JDRF is Less Until None.

Less burden, less invasive, less complexity, less danger.

CGM like a pancreasI’m ready for the tasks of taking care of my diabetes to be less of a burden. I am ready for the technologies used to monitor my diabetes to become less invasive. I’m ready for my devices to work together in a less complex manner (a low glucose suspend system or even a treat-to-range system). I’m ready for improved technologies and improved insulin and glucagon delivery systems to make a life living with diabetes a life of less danger.

What an aptly named event – the work towards a cure, advanced treatments, and prevention gives those living with diabetes a chance for Hope and Health.

Kerri speaks about hope and healthP.S. Of course Mike and Kerri did an excellent job representing the diabetes online community and the power of our connections in their presentations. Kerri won the audience over with her discussion of pee alarms and Mike even included a shout-out to my favorite video.


  • it was so great to follow your updates on this event on Facebook. I was a on our JDRF Board in CT and I understand your frustration about lack of engagement “outreach” to people/families with type one.

    So happy your chapter sees the value in doing these event!

  • Everyone loves a pee alarm, right? (And thanks for hanging out this weekend!! I still haven’t slept – I think I drank two pots of coffee yesterday morning at breakfast and I’ve been hopped up ever since.)

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