Weekend workout

I mean, I guess I could have gone to the gym. But when there is an almost 200,000 acre national conservation area with over 30 miles of hiking trails, I think I am going to hop off the elliptical while the weather is still good.

Red Rock Canyon

I started the hike with my blood sugar in the 170s. The conservation area is a one way loop that can take up to an hour to drive through, and I wasn’t quite sure where the trail head was for the hike I was planning. Once I found it and got a sense for the elevation, I set a temp basal. When the CGM showed me continuing to drop for a while, I reduced my basal a little more and had a granola bar. At the halfway point, I had another granola bar and a juice box. I ended up hiking just about 5.5 miles and while I would have liked to do it with a few less calories added, I am officially calling this first attempt a success.

Red Rock Canyon hiking


  • Let’s say what everyone else is thinking: HOLY CRAP YOU LIVE IN THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN THE UNIVERSE!


    The stuff about extra calories I don’t understand yet. Was it like: you were already full from lunch (or whatever meal) but had to eat more to keep your BG in range? That must be what it is. So ideally, to not gain weight, you have to predict at meal time how far/how long you will be hiking and how steep it will be, and all that?

    Although it is a huge pain in the ass to factor in all of that, I am so envious! And I think that adults with juice boxes are adorable.

  • I know you have trouble with exercise tanking your BG consistently low. Which means I know how annoying it is to go exercise while consuming the calories you’re burning off – been there done that!
    I think you did a great job with the beeg. HOLY MOLY “WHILE the weather is still good?” like, just what the hell is that supposed to mean! BEAUTIFUL!
    beats negative temperatures, snow and a non-existent spring.Can I come live with you?

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