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My first entrance to the world of the diabetes online community was on the message boards of one of the popular diabetes websites. Message boards (and I suppose the internet in general) have their own unique language, so I often found myself looking up acronyms and terms.

Before I heard of Bennet or his blog, one of the first acronyms I ran across was YDMV.

Your Diabetes May Vary.

Still almost seven years after I first googled the term, it is an idea that I continue to revisit and not just in insulin doses or blood glucose results..

Last year I was selected to attend the Diabetes Mine Innovation Summit based on my video submission on the topic of personalization of diabetes medical devices and technology.

I was reminded of this video as I did a little shopping this weekend. In case you missed it (ICYMI – another acronym I had to learn), I received my Dexcom G4 on Friday. I have seen too many posts about broken receivers to let mine go without being protected.

As I shopped on the Tallygear website I was struck by the fact that basically a whole market has developed partially from necessity and partially from desire to add some personalization to very impersonal products. I am excited to put a bit of my personality with the receiver.

Speaking of which, I need to vent one more time about the Dexcom G4 receiver color options.

Pink, blue, black.

purpleOutdated gender stereotypes aside, I know there are many of us who could use a little more purple in our lives. I’ve already emailed PumpPeelz with my request (email requests here), so I’m hopeful I can add a little more “me” there too.

Disclosure: This post was not sponsored by any website or products. All rants and thoughts are my own.

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  • Green… I would have loved to have a green G4.. but alas it was not to be. It must not be easy to be green. Sorry.. I know I know.. that song will be stuck now. Hehe.

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