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I picked up a helpful tip at my blind date with the endocrinologist on Tuesday. A while back I had my doctor check my Vitamin D level and we found out I was deficient. Since the bottle of vitamins is not attached to me 24/7, I have a very difficult time remembering to take it.

One thing that is a little easier for me to remember is to refill my pump and change my site when I run out of insulin. Apparently the amount of Vitamin D needed to reach toxicity is very high, so the endocrinologist suggested I could take three days worth at the same time that I change my site. I think I have a chance of actually remembering that.

Vitamin D on site change day

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  • Vitamin D deficiency seems to be pretty common among people with Type 1. I have a daily recurring alarm set on my phone reminding me to take it with my other oral medication.

    • Deficiency is common among people with type 1 AND researchers have found that Vitamin D provides protection against some complications so it is super important for us!!

  • That is awesome advice! I take mine (same brand and same number of IUs a day) with my heart medication and BC pills…but if I didn’t have other pills to take I would definitely do the ‘three days of vitamins at site change time’ method.

  • I take a baby aspirin, Vit D pill, thyroid pill and birth control pill all at the same in the morning, but lately I’ve been forgetting (never actually forgetting, but realizing right as I’m walking out the door). See, I used to have to take a syringe of Lantus every morning at the same time, so I set the pills out right next to the syringes and NEVER forgot. Now that I have the OmniPod the routine has changed! Trying to figure out a new way to remember…

  • I take that exact same pill every morning. I only remember to take it because I put it next to the prescription pills I have to take every day. But I guess you don’t have that problem, so taking it at site change time sounds great!

  • What a great reminder idea!! I’m on the once a week, mega-high prescription dose of Vitamin D and it can be a challenge for me to remember a once a week pill. So I decided to take it on Wednesday night, because I always know DSMA night – even when I have to miss it due to a schedule conflict. 🙂

  • I take my morning/night medication whenever I put in/take out contact lenses. That helps me remember. Otherwise I have to judge by how freshly-wet the Dixie cup in the wastepaper basket seems to be. It is impossible to remember—all of the pill swallowings blur into one big druggie life.

  • I wish I could take ALL my meds like that! Probably not a great idea to take a week’s worth of insulin at one time… I probably shouldn’t even have typed that into the interwebz.

  • I’d been taking roughly 1800u a day and then found out I’m STILL deficient. Apparently, I have a bottomless need for Vitamin D – here’s to hoping a sunshiney summer helps! 🙂

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