Just like a first date

I finally got to meet with a new endocrinologist today.

I had my last appointment with my endocrinologist in Florida two weeks before I quit my job and three weeks before I moved. My insurance ended the day I quit my job, so it has felt like a long wait for me.

am I a happy pancreasIf my appointment was a (blind) first date, I probably would at least agree to a second date with the guy. We have a lot in common. I just don’t feel like I am in love with him as much as I was in love with my previous doctors.

First the positives:

  • He described himself as a minimalist. I am too. No additional medications I don’t need just because they are popular for people with diabetes.
  • When he discovered I was diagnosed as an adult, he actually listened to my diagnosis story. In my experience, that is rare.
  • He filled out the Dexcom G4 paperwork with me right there in the office. It may have helped that I had done most of the work already.
  • Although he thinks it is a hopeless case, he is willing to fight with the insurance company to let me keep pumping Apidra. And he gave me some samples to help me as we fight – I was down to 100 units when I walked in the door so I didn’t have a lot of spare time to battle.
  • The office staff is nice. This is important to me, I have left practices over mean office staff before

And now the negatives:

  • There is no lab in the office. They give you lab work that you have to get done somewhere and make sure it is sent to the office by the time of your appointment. Maybe this is typical but this is not anything I have experienced with previous doctors.
  • Speaking of lab work, he didn’t do any today. I have no idea about my A1c or any other level. He had my January lab work but shouldn’t he be curious how I am doing now?
  • Even though I uploaded all my information to Diasend (and brought a printed version) I had to verbally list all my basal rates (8), insulin to carb ratios (3), and insulin sensitivity factors (3) to the nurse. I then had to repeat them again for the doctor. He acknowledged that they were already in my file, but stated that “this would be quicker.”
  • While holding my Diasend reports, I shared “I know mornings are my trouble spot. They’ve always been my trouble spot” and he did not offer any suggestions. At all. He just nodded his head. I was the last appointment of the day, but that doesn’t mean I deserve to receive any lower quality treatment.
  • Do you remember playing “He’s the perfect guy except…” with your friends on the bus? You would pick things like: except he burps every time he speaks, he smells like cheese all the time, or he always has a hanging booger – and you had to decide if you would still date him. It’s sad but the thing that might be the deal breaker for me in this relationship is actually money. I have to pay twice my regular copay to see anyone except my primary care doctor. If I am going to pay that amount of money to see a specialist, I expect to see a specialist. I honestly don’t care how qualified the rest of his staff is, he is the endocrinologist and I am paying to see him. That’s just not how this office works, and I don’t think that will work for me.

I think I want to see other people. I just don’t think I’m ready to make it exclusive yet.


  • Glad you had some positive moments come out of the meeting, but it sounds like some major things are lacking. It all depends on what you can’t live without and what you can tolerate. I’ll actually take a less pleasant receptionist/staff if it means they download AND LOOK AT all my data. Good luck on your search!

  • Those are some good positives, but, MAN!, that’s a lot of negatives!:(. Think I’d have to see other people, too. Someone else may have the most important positives and way less negatives.

  • Soooo…..I still stand by my recommendation. Dr. B is accepting new patients. But (And it’s a big BUT) he doesn’t have openings until August. And you will have to wait, sometimes over an hour to see him at your scheduled appointment time. However, he will spend as much time with you as you want him to. He will answer every question you have. He is hands down my favorite endo ever. (24 years and counting) Feel free to contact if you want to know any other specifics so you don’t have to waste another copay.

  • if nothing else, at least you got what you needed in order to get the dexcom upgrade going. and apidra samples. this should buy you some time to think about what you really want to do.

    i agree that paying to see a specialist means that specialist needs to be pretty good. and helpful. hard choice.

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