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google thatThe gala for my local JDRF chapter is tomorrow night, and while I can’t afford a ticket* I can afford to volunteer. This still meant I needed a new dress, so I headed over to the mall during my lunch break from work.

Apparently I don’t shop for dresses very often because even the most popular search engine on the internet decided that this event needed to be captured. JDRF Gala – now including search engine optimization.

*Can we talk about how most people with diabetes have not been to a gala because the tickets are so stinking expensive?! Something feels wrong about that! Does anyone’s chapter offer a diabetes discount or anything?


  • Yeah so the galas … the thing about them is they are designed to raise a TON and attract people who will spend, oh, $10k that night in the room. The thing I always say is: everyone cannot afford it, but everyone benefits from what the money raised does. It would be “leaving research money on the table” to charge less …

    HOWEVER, my chapter does a $70 ticket for desert, open bar and dancing. So you come a bit later and have lots of fun. You miss the auctions, dinner and speeches. BTW ours is $500 a ticket for the whole shebang.

    • A couple people have mentioned “after party” tickets – I like that idea!!

      Wow! $500 – I thought our $350 tickets were expensive. We even have Robin Leach at ours! 😀

  • Precisely why I’ve never been. Then again, it’s for big donors and I’m supposed to want them to fund cure research with their deep pockets. If we have to throw them a big party to get them to do it, I don’t mind sitting at home.

  • The gala for our chapter is $250 per person. Definitely too expensive for me to attend… however after following the live tweet from it this year, I think I’ll volunteer to help them out next year! I know that the point of a high-price event is to attract large donations, but it might be valuable to get more donations if people can attach faces to the goal.

    I think a cheaper dessert/dancing ticket for later in the evening would be an awesome idea.

  • As part of the New England JDRF, we have the YLC which is geared to young adults who want to give, but don’t have as much money as the people who buy gala tickets. I am so glad for the people who can buy those tickets, and we have Toast A Cure after the auction has been completed. We also have our own fundraising option which was last November, a masquerade ball. There was a silent auction, and tickets were much less expensive than the typical gala ticket. You should ask your JDRF office if they have anything like this, or if not you could start it!! 😉

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