The timeline of a Dexcom CGM

October 7, 2012: I draft a post Sunday night and set it to publish Monday morning. I express frustration about being out of Dexcom 7+ sensors because insurance was taking forever to process them.

October 8, 2012: The Dexcom G4 is approved. I call Dexcom to inquire about the pricing and to check on my sensor order. I figure I’ll need at least a box while insurance processes the G4.

October 11, 2012: I write a post about the most confusing insurance run around I have ever experienced. I find out I did not get my order of 7+ sensors because my insurance denied them. For the first time in two years of wearing a CGM, my third party supplier (CareCentrix – WORST EVER!) denied the prescription and said that it needed to go through my prescription benefits. Five phone calls later, I officially cancel my 7+ sensor order so I don’t run the risk of having sensors I don’t want to use, have a customer service rep exclaim “Ay! Dios mio!” about my situation, get quoted a price for the G4 for that is essentially the full cash price based on my insurance if I use my DME coverage, and am told that I can’t order the G4 through my prescription benefits because the NDC codes don’t exist yet. I am told it takes 3-4 weeks after a product is approved for it to receive a code. I decide to wait.

Late November: I find out almost everything I have been told previously is incorrect. There is no prescription coverage on my insurance for a CGM and there has NEVER been that type of coverage. This is 100% the fault of CareCentrix. Due to a high deductible, I am still looking at almost the full cost of my CGM. I decide to ask for only money for Christmas (ha!) and buy the G4 CGM in the new year.

Late December: My Dexcom 7+ bites the dust on December 23rd and I experience an early Christmas miracle. In the midst of visiting family, I also have a final interview for a new job. They provide me with the highlights of the insurance coverage, and I realize I will save a lot (a lot!) of money if I wait to order the Dexcom on the new insurance. I decide to wait again.

February 6, 2013: I start my new job and IMMEDIATELY fill out my insurance paperwork. The policy is effective the first day of the following month.

Late February: The day I get my insurance cards and my member number, I start calling endocrinologists. I realize I will probably have to wait for an appointment so I want to schedule it as quickly as possible.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013: I meet with a new endocrinologist. I am not sure if he will remain my doctor, but he agrees to write the prescription for the Dexcom G4 CGM.

Thursday, April 11, 2013: I call Dexcom and find out that they have all my paperwork and forward it on to my third party medical supplier (thankfully not CareCentrix!).

Friday, April 12, 2013: I call Edgepark. They are working on my insurance benefits. I am not sure what this means since I can already quote the price to them. The rep says she thinks she will have everything ready for me on Tuesday.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013: I call Edgepark. I receive the price quote I was expecting the week before.

the end of a Dexcom sensorWednesday, April 17, 2013: I call the direct extension of my customer service rep all day and only receive her voicemail. By late afternoon I decide to sit through the main menu and on hold (20 minutes) so I can talk to a person and actually order and purchase my system. Success. The rep states that if she gets the order completed in the next ten minutes, I should have my system on Friday. The rep I was originally trying to reach calls me back several hours after I purchase the system to get my payment information. When I tell her I have already done that, she jokes that she probably should have opened my file first (?!).

Thursday, April 18, 2013: I receive the FedEx tracking information for my system. It should arrive on Monday. Meanwhile, the sensor I am currently wearing is showing signs that it is DONE. Please hold on until Monday!!

VERY IMPORTANT P.S.!!! If you have an in warranty Animas Ping and purchase(d) your Dexcom G4 between 1/1/2013 and 4/30/2013 you are eligible for a $200 rebate. Call Dexcom TODAY!!


  • If only I had known…we received our Dexcom G4 on 12/31/12. I would have been so very happy to wait a few days to save that $200!!

  • I’m guessing that if you got the G4 on the upgrade discount that the warranty on a Ping $200 rebate doesn’t work? (maybe.. that would be AWESOME!)

  • FYI- With the new G4, you can no longer “stretch” out the time you wear your sensor! The sensors now automatically shut off after 7 days. No more stretching those co-pays!!!! Hope you enjoy your new Dexcom! Also, check out Solara medical supply. I also had CareCentrix but my Dexcom rep set me up with Solara who was able to process and ship my new order for the G4 in the same day, from start to finish (on a brand new order mind you!). I received my new order the very next day! Plus, Solara is so much cheaper!

    • Oh but you can! 😛
      They stop after 7 days, but if you choose “start sensor” without actually putting a new sensor in, the system will not know the difference. You have to wait the calibration period, but you can reuse (just don’t tell the FDA).

      Thanks for the Solara tip. I will look into it if I need it!

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