Wake me up before you’re low

A continual problem that I had with the Dexcom Seven Plus is that I would wake up when my alarm clock went off in the morning, look at the CGM screen, and realize that I had been low for several hours. Sometimes I wake up when I am low, but I can’t count on it.

A few of the changes in the Dexcom G4 made me hopeful that the nighttime alarms would work better for me. First, there are different alarm volumes instead of just one. One of the new alarm settings is called HypoRepeat. In this profile, the CGM will alarm every 5 seconds until the alert is acknowledged (pressing a button) or my blood sugar rises above 55 mg/dL. A continuous alarm has to help, right?

Sunday night was the first night I experienced nighttime lows with the new system.

the first night
The first night of lows. Blurry pic – still getting used to capturing the new screen

I am not sure what woke me up during that first low period. I was having the strangest nightmare and I woke up out of the scary part just in time. I also noticed at that point that it was way too hot in my apartment. I wandered around my apartment and closed all the windows, turned the fans off, and turned the air conditioning on. Not a low symptom, it was actually over 80 degrees in my apartment!

The only thing I didn’t do was actually treat my low blood sugar. I don’t know if I didn’t treat BECAUSE I was low or because I was so tired. Regardless, I fell back asleep.

I do know that the second time I crossed the low threshold it definitely was the CGM alarm that woke me up. No nightmare, comfortable temperature, and I went right into the kitchen to retrieve a juice box. That technique seemed to have worked a little bit better than the first low.

It’s still only been one night but I’m hopeful my new CGM will continue to help me sleep better AND wake me up when I need it.


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