Well that’s weird

I had a different post that I wanted to publish today, but I didn’t quite finish it in time. I thought I would have a lot of writing time on Sunday, but then Alexis kept me partying at her house for too long and I didn’t get it finished.

I did, however, take off a wildly inaccurate Dexcom CGM when I got home. I thought it was inaccurate because it was a few months past the expiration date (like I said Friday and that’s what happens when you have an over two month wait to see an endo in your new town). Turns out there may have been another contributing factor to the false readings.

sympathy bruise

See the red spot? That’s where the sensor wire was located. See the bruise below it? That’s where absolutely nothing was located.

Hmm. I guess I know how the blood vessels are connected on that part of my body now.


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