One day more – my #dayofdiabetes

Yesterday I took my turn at Chris’ idea of chronicling a #dayofdiabetes. I changed my site in the morning, ordered supplies in the afternoon, and did the basics of checking my BG and bolusing/eating accordingly. Nothing dramatic. Diabetes isn’t always about the crazy highs and lows. Sometimes the most frustrating part about it is that it just never ends. Today will be another #dayofdiabetes. I’ll just tweet about it a little bit less.

(It’s a bit picture heavy so I inserted a jump to make it load a bit faster. Click through to read and see more)


  • Your #dayofd and these others I’ve been reading are FASCINATING.

    And your lunch is adorable! Little bag of cookies.

    But It’s still hard for me to believe this isn’t going to…end. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. No: it’s an ultra-marathon. No: it is not recreational, sporty, or fun at all. It just never ends.

    I hope your site settles in or you find a cozy romper.

  • I know this is totally off topic, but… I had to go back and check that second photo. I thought you had a third hand or something, then I realized it was actually two photos.

    Thanks for chronicling your day. All of these have been terrific.

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