Wrap up. Review. Reminder. Repeat.

This is an edited version post to what I wrote last year at the end of Diabetes Blog Week. It’s still true and accurate, but I guess with Google Reader ending this summer (what are we planning to use instead, feed reader friends?), I’ll have to change the plan a little bit for next year.

Diabetes Blog Week

Whew! The third FOURTH! annual Diabetes Blog Week is over!

At times I thought my Google Reader (more about this in a second) was going to explode and with the house/dog/kid sitting for family (my sister-in-law’s sister-in-laws’ kids) I started on Friday and will be doing all week I lost track towards the end a little bit, but I found some great new and new-to-me bloggers and read some really good posts.

So what should we do now?

Submit your favorite posts from this week – or really, anytime this month to the Best of the ‘Betes Blogs. Just like Diabetes Blog Week, it is a chance to stretch the diabetes community wider and draw attention to the great humor, encouragement, and advocacy around us.


Send an email or use Twitter to DM one or one hundred of your favorite posts from this month.

There are so many great posts to share from the 211 participants on Karen’s list! That’s a lot of reading and sharing!

Start with the posts from this topic for a really quick, easy, and helpful shortcut. That’s how I added “Fifteen Wait Fifteen” and “The Rockin’ Ink Star” just last night.

Speaking of reading – I’ve realized that some people don’t know about the beauty that is a feed reader for blog reading. When I first starting reading blogs I had them all saved in my bookmarks bar and would check them all daily to see if anyone updated. I wasted half my time visiting blogs that didn’t even have new posts. Using a feed reader like Google Reader saves me a bunch of time better used to take Dexcom and cat pictures.

All you need is a google account (if you use blogger or have a g-mail account you already have this). Then, when you find a blog you want to follow, all you have to do is click on the subscribe button and you will be notified in your reader when the blog has a new post. If you want to leave a comment on the blog, you just click on the headline and it will take you directly to that post.


A great bonus feature of using Google Reader is the ability to “star” a post. The starred items are saved in your reader, which comes in really handy when you need to put together a list of your favorite posts to send to someone at the end of the month. (hint. hint. nudge. nudge.)

Due to the timing of the weekend, nominations this month will continue though Saturday June 1st at midnight and then the host will post his choices on Monday June 3rd (I need to confirm the host can still host before I link to him – no pressure!).

If you need a reminder of how the Best of the ‘Betes Blogs nominations work (no self nominations, link to a specific post, etc) you can see all the details on this page. You can also check out links on that page to all the past Best ‘Betes Blog posts.


  • I switched to Feedly to replace Google Reader, it’s incredibly easy to transition if that helps.

    I’m still trying to catch up on all of the Diabetes Blog Week posts! Which I think is a good problem to have…

  • I am so glad Google Reader didn’t shut down just yet – I needed it this week (and I’m a newbie to begin with! Before, I put the RSS feeds in my Yahoo homepage and recognized new stuff there.. but it took forever to load). I don’t trust Feedly (powered by Google Reader, by the way) can STAR posts I like and MARK UNREAD posts I need to come back to, so I’m with Google til the bitter end.

    I kind of feel sorry for the person who’s hosting this month. There’s gonna be a crapload of great blog posts to sort through

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