A not-so-dramatic reenactment

why the long tubingThe weather is in triple digits for the foreseeable future here so it just made sense to stop for some frozen yogurt on the way home from a friend’s pool on Sunday.

Frozen yogurt and ice cream typically require me to use a dual wave/combo bolus to account for the fat content. However, the blonde-ness of my hair requires that I wash it as soon as possible after being in chlorine or it will end up an unfortunate shade of green by the end of the summer.

I didn’t want to wait for the combo bolus to end, so what was I to do? Well, it seems all I had to do was find a different place to clip my pump. I use 42 inch tubing and I have a waterproof pump; I am not really sure why I didn’t think of this earlier.

morning DexMonday was a site change day so I didn’t get to try it again, but Tuesday morning I tried to the shower curtain clip again. I have enough trouble the dawn phenomenon each morning, it makes sense to try to eliminate the disconnect time I was adding to it. I need try a few more days before I know whether it’s working or not, but I’m liking what I see so far.

P.S. The curtain picture is a fully clothed reenactment picture I took last night but what is the deal with the theme of my last two posts?!

P.P.S. I think Briley and Babs have tried not disconnecting as well. Anyone else?


  • I tried to shower with the Ping pump on once but tried to keep it rested on the little soap dish thingy. I only used 23″ tubing so that proved to be slightly restrictive lol I’m surprised the weight of the pump didn’t cause it to fall off the curtain? I’ll have to keep this in mind for times when I may be on that pump in the future.

  • I always leave my pump on now unless I’m low, but I just let it rest on the bottom of the shower and try not to get twisted in the tubing. I definitely think it helps.

  • Clever clever clever! I used to always stay connected in the shower and I used a plastic toothbrush holder cup that was suction cupped to the wall. But now I have uneven tile that won’t hold the suction cup so I’m glad to have another idea! Thanks!

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