Less like a freak show

As the time for the annual Children with Diabetes: Friends for Life conference quickly approaches, I am reminded of one of my favorite exchanges from the conference a few years ago.

Yes, the video is talking about Friends for Life. But it doesn’t have to be. I was watching on Facebook a few days ago as a friend (without diabetes) found members of her community in a city that she was visiting for a conference. She found them online in a Facebook group. She had never met them before in person but as soon as they met there was this unspoken language that they shared and understood. She found people who just “got it.”

the freak show

Some of us are imaginary friends who haven’t met yet.

Some of us have participated in many traveling circuses.

my favorite kiddos in 2005



My opinion is that if you find a circus you can join – big or small, near or far – find a good clown nose and join the fun.




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