Looks can be deceiving

dexcom problemsSometimes two Dexcoms are not really better than one. These Dexcoms look the same. They feel the same. They smell the same. I didn’t try it, but they probably even taste the same (that would clearly void the warranty).

The only problem – they definitely don’t sound the same.

About a week ago, I was showing the features of the G4 to a newly diagnosed diabetic. One of the features that is most valuable to me is the HypoRepeat alert that continues to beep until it is acknowledged. It is important for me to have something that will wake me up in the middle of the night if needed. I thought I was doing something wrong when “Fixed Low” under the Try It menu was only vibrating and not beeping.

A few days later I realized I really hadn’t heard any beeps in a while. There was no way that I was acknowledging every alarm the first time (when it only vibrates). And my BG control is good, but not that good!

Wednesday night I purposefully ignored a high alert to see what it would do. It vibrated a second time but did not beep.

A quick call to Dexcom and a new receiver was on the way. I got it the next day and sent the old one back today.

Based off the experiences of others, I expected to lose a USB port cover or the wheel part of the button on the front. I haven’t heard (!) of anyone else dealing with a selectively mute CGM.


  • Interesting to hear this. I have a similar problem with my Animas Vibe. It often doesn’t repeat alarms if I remain over the high threshold after the “snooze” period either, which is hugely annoying. I’m on my third Vibe now though, and they’ve all done it, so I’ve given up! Looking forward to switching back to a separate Dex at some point in the future!

  • Hmmm…I’ve had that same thought…..,”surely I haven’t NOT heard that” and I just assumed it was me! Now, like you say, I’ll have to purposely ignore it and see what happens. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Happened to me about a month ago, I realized that I hadn’t had an audio warning for weeks. I had to reset it to the attentive setting, it’s worked since. If it happens again, I’ll get it replaced.

  • Wow… I had a really bad low a couple of months back, when the receiver I’m using was set to “Attentive”. It never did anything except vibrate. Now your post has me thinking.

    • I actually had a 7+ receiver that did the same thing. I’m not sure what caused the problem with that one. It was a loaner from a friend after I lost mine on a plane. It was wayyy out of warranty and since it wasn’t mine, Dexcom couldn’t really help.

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