At seven years old

Did you know that a typical seven year old can tell time? This includes knowing the different months of the year.

I guess that means by the time a blog is seven years old, the author should be able to remember the date of her blogiversary? (It was the beginning of June)

Other characterisitics of a seven year old:

Understanding the different between right and wrong and engaging in discussions about it.

wrong and right
Clearly I know the difference between right and wrong.


A strong desire to be perfect and to be self-critical as a result.

Dots away from a no hitter. Sooo close to perfect.


Strong emotional responses and a tendency to complain.

I’m starting to crack. Cut a check. A splinter in California. Step Therapy.
(looks like they might be right about this one)


The ability to reason and make correct decisions to solve complex problems.

The process of picking a potential pancreas.


Understands more about his or her place in the world.

My way of saying thanks.


Pays attention to friendship and teamwork.

You Are Beautiful! 17,605(!) views and counting this video!!


My diabetes is almost 10 and a half years old. My blog is now seven years old. They are both still pretty young but I can say that I’ve definitely learned a lot watching them grow up so far.


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