Battery backup

“I tried to tell my mom, but…” and his voice trailed off as I turned to look at him.

A group of us had spent most of the day in the Magic Kingdom and were waiting in line to order ice cream before returning to the hotel for a break before we returned for more theme park fun.

its in the eyes
Thanks Meri and L for the reenactment. I see Oliver, but Meri sees a little Puss in Boots from Shrek. It’s definitely in the eyes.

Meri’s youngest son L held his pump up to me cradled in both hands.

The sad look in his eyes and the way he was holding his pump reminded me of a scene from Oliver Twist (“Please sir, may I have some more?”).

OFF NO POWER. I wore the same brand of pump as L for eight years so I knew the urgency of the warning. It wasn’t just a warning to replace the battery sometime soon. It was an alert to replace the battery NOW.


The only problem is that I now use a different brand of pump that requires a different sized battery. Brian was standing behind me but we wear the same pump brand. Thankfully, behind Brian was his friend Jeanette, wearing a pump that uses the same sized battery. I asked her if she had a spare battery on her, but was ready to make a mad dash down Main Street if she didn’t have one.

Thankfully Jeanette had a battery so while she was digging it out of her diabetes bag I reached into my purse to find a coin for the battery compartment. L noticed we had found a battery and said, “that’s great but you will need a… oh, okay” as I retrieved the coin from my wallet.

I was twisting off the battery cap, taking the old battery out with one hand, putting the new battery in with the other hand, balancing the battery cap with a few spare fingers, when Meri finished ordering the ice cream for her family.

“What are you guys doing?”

“Don’t worry about it. Just replacing L’s battery but we are almost done.”

“I tried to tell you, Mom.”

And that’s why if you are going to explore Disney World with nine people, it doesn’t hurt if six of them have diabetes.


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