No islets in T-E-A-M

my first walkI was diagnosed back when JDRF spelled its name out and before they started providing the Bags of Hope (aka T1D Care Kits) to the adult population. As a result, it was a few years before I even found out about JDRF and by then I had moved across the country from my family and most of my friends.

My very first JDRF walk team was with a few coworkers. I walked a few times after that as an individual but because the walk was not a big deal at my former chapter, I didn’t really make a big deal either about building a team.

I was, however, on a BIG DEAL team a few years ago when I came back to California for Team Ninjabetic. My mom joined me on that team and I found out that she is a dangerously competitive fundraiser.

JDRF walk with George

Now I am back near family and I am ready to walk with my own team again. My nephew is concerned about how long a 5K actually is in miles, and my brother wants to know if he has to walk or if he can just run it.

There’s only one problem. I need a team name. Can’t register without one. Can’t add people to the team without one. Can’t start designing awesome t-shirts without one.

I got a few suggestions from Facebook but nothing has really stuck yet (Type Wonderful, Type 1-derful, last name related puns). I see other team names in the DOC and I am quite impressed – Team Hoffmanderson, Alecia’s Stem Cells, Justice’s Pancreatic Avengers.

So help me out! What’s my team name this year and who’s joining?


  • Wish I could join you, but I’ll be walking here in NC with my team, the Rowdies! I am not feeling terribly creative today, so all I could come up with for a potential name…. D-family of Defiance (been watching too much SyFy channel 🙂

  • Cool-I had no idea they made T1D Care kits! I wasn’t too creative with my team name either-just went with my actual name haha. Good luck coming up with one!

  • I’m late to the party so you probably already have a name. I really like “no islets in t-e-a-m” though. Very funny and clever. You can borrow my team name, dia-beat-this. It’s from Parks and Rec on NBC. I also did “diabetes schmiabetes” one year. And I’ve always liked any kind of alliteration.

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