TSA Cares about AADE

Writing this from Terminal D in the few spare moments I have before I board my flight.

I used the TSA Cares program for the first time this morning. Based off the solid recommendations from Joanne and Meri, I was hoping it would make my travel a little easier in what can be a frustrating airport.

The instructions recommend giving them 72 hours notice before the flight, but I completely forgot about the program until yesterday morning. I called anyway and they were still able to process my request. The representative took down all my information and the type of assistance I would need and gave me a number to call when I got to the airport this morning.

And that was the only glitch in the system. When I called the number, the agent on the phone had no idea what I was talking about. He even asked me to spell out T-S-A C-a-r-e-s. Finally he put me on hold and must have tracked down someone with a clue.

He forwarded my information to an agent who met me at the checkpoint. She was very nice and it was the easiest security screening I’ve experienced in a while. As long as communication between the individual departments at the airports continues to improve, this will be a valuable service for travelers with diabetes.

Now I am on my way to AADE thanks to a scholarship from the Diabetes Hands Foundation. I haven’t been to Philadelphia since my trip there in 8th grade (let’s not talk about how that is almost 20 years ago now!) so I am excited to see the city and even more excited to hear about the latest and greatest in diabetes education.

Depending on how you are viewing my site, you may have noticed that the code for the page has been hacked. I am working on getting it fixed but it might have to wait until I get home. If you can see the ad at the top of the page, I can assure you that is not a new sponsor.


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