Bloody sensor

And I don’t mean it in the British way.

The insertion didn’t feel any different from any other time. The sensor is in basically the same location that I’ve been putting my sensors for months and months.

I put the sensor in and cut the strips from my Flexifix tape. It wasn’t until I turned to put the tape on the sensor that I even noticed anything was wrong.

I cleaned up the sensor base (with Q-tips) as best as I could and attached the transmitter. The first few hours of results were a bit sketchier than usual, but since then my numbers have been pretty much on track.

bloody sensor

It’s the first bloody sensor I’ve had in three years of Dexcom-ing. Since it seems to be working just fine, the only thing I’m wondering now is how crazy the bruise is going to be when I finally take the sensor off.


  • I get bloody MM sensors fairly often. It doesn’t seem to make much difference in bruising or accuracy if you’re able to get on track in the beginning. In my experience problems will show themselves early on

  • That’s lovely! Had my first bloody (less so than yours) sensor a couple weeks ago, in also about three years. Only thing I noticed is that the sensor ??? earlier than normal, but then came back to life. Sensor life was a tad shorter. And no bruise! Good luck!

  • I have only had 1 or 2 bloody Dexcom insertions in nearly two years and I too feared the gnarly bruise I would have. I actually didn’t have one at all, but I also get 14+ days of wear out of my sensors so if I might have had one it was long gone after 2 weeks! I hope this sensor performs to the normal amazing Dexcom standards!!

  • Ditto on the photo giving me the willies! I’ve had one or two that showed up like that at the beginning, then just became a scab over the insertion site by the time I took the sensor off. Good luck.

  • I used to get hard-boiled egg bruises and swelling with Medtronic. I’m always amazed that although Dex’s needle is big and hurts a bit that I don’t get the blood and bruising. Maybe once or twice, but iI don’t remember ever pulling out a Dex. Keep us updated on whether this sensor ends up working,

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