Rules three through eight

Whew! Last week was a whirlwind! We are starting some new projects at work, and it was more than once that my stomach growling reminded me that I had missed lunch time. Then after work I would head to meetings for a few different volunteer projects. Dinner was usually picked up on the way home.

Sometimes I feel that when life gets difficult or busy, diabetes conspires against us and devices fail, boluses are forgotten, or sites get kinked just to add on a little extra frustration.

I don’t know what was different about this time, but thankfully it was almost a “normal” week. I’d wonder if I had my Dexcom with me or just couldn’t hear the beeping from deep inside my purse, only to dig it out and find out that I had stayed between the lines.

between the lines

And even when things started to head slightly south, my devices were on track and accurate. How often does that happen when you need it?!


And now that I’ve written about it, I think I might be doomed. #diabetesfightclub

P.S. Last week was the Team Week Challenge for my JDRF chapter for our upcoming walk. I harassed, begged, pleaded, and posted baby pictures of myself on Facebook. And as a result, my team has raised more than I think I have ever raised before. Thank you to all who didn’t block my social media streams and thank you extra to those who clicked on the links and donated.

P.P.S Why doesn’t anyone talk about the other rules of Fight Club?

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  • Love this! Sometimes it’s just lovely to be able to say ‘it doesn’t make sense, but I’ll take it!’. Good on you for having such a terrific week.

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