Bright blue spots of advocacy

Last Friday, November 1st, was the beginning of Diabetes Awareness Month and also T1D Day as celebrated by JDRF. It was also the first Blue Fridays of the month of November, which was definitely an additional reason to celebrate.

The Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood made it even more fun and easy for us to celebrate. They turned the fountain blue and all the coins from the fountain for that day will be donated to JDRF. We all wore blue and posed for a bunch of pictures. In the bottom left corner of the picture college below, almost every person in the picture is living with type 1 diabetes.

T1D Day

While we were hanging around the fountain waiting for our picture time, a small group of friends walked up to Alexis and I and one of the women said, “what is all this about?” We showed her the sign about the foundation and she asked about JDRF. We explained about the organization and their mission and she remarkably replied, “I didn’t know about all that. Thanks for letting me know. I will share about it with my friends now.” (she actually said that and with zero hint of sarcasm! I thought responses like that only happen in the movies!)

Diabetes Awareness Month means a lot of random emails in my blog inbox telling me about everything from diabetic socks to diabetic lotions to diabetic snacks (it’s really sad all these objects keep getting diabetes!). Diabetes Awareness Month also means plenty of press releases and other news stories trying to capitalize on the interest that end up sharing misinformation or unfortunate stereotypes. But once I clear through all the hype, it also means bright spots of advocacy and time spent with other people living with diabetes that reminds us we are never alone.


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