Diabetes Awareness Month – Photo a Day – Blue

There’s a lot of BLUE in the photo a day for today. First, I am feeling pretty blue inside. I got a call from my endocrinologist’s office this afternoon. I thought they were just calling to remind me about my upcoming appointment. It turns out that my appointment is canceled because the entire practice is closing – tomorrow. The nurse said the doctor is currently writing a letter to his patients about his future plans but she didn’t know anything more than that. The staff only found out this morning. I am blue because I liked my doctor and his medical staff. The rest of the practice was basically a disaster so I was not entirely surprised by the news.

The blue on the outside is a much better story. My mom knit this blanket for me before I left for college. I had complained a little because she was making the softest baby blankets for all of our friends but I didn’t have one. This blanket is huge and soft, and I am so glad the weather has changed so I can curl up in it every night. Think I can bring it to work for Blue Fridays?

dmpad - day 7 - blue


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