Diabetes Awareness Month – Photo a Day – Awareness


The more devices I wear and carry, the more the people around me are aware I have diabetes. The tighter I set my alarms, the more likely they are to alert and beep. The more beeps that occur, the more often the people around me are aware of the devices. The tighter the range that I set on my Dexcom, the better I feel about my life with diabetes. The more I stay in range, the more often I am aware when I am out of range.

A number of times recently I have started to feel off – not true low symptoms, just off – and I will look at my Dexcom graph to see that I am in range but trending down. I like catching lows before they happen, and I like having technology that helps me do that. The longer I can preserve my hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic awareness, the better.

dmpad - day 13 - awareness
The 24 hours of day 13. End of site and reservoir in early morning followed by the insulin finally catching up around lunch time.

Yes, I posted this on the 14th but backdated it to the 13th. Have to preserve the timeline for posterity!

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