Diabetes Awareness Month – Photo a Day – Check

I encountered a rarely seen alarm on my pump today that fit perfectly with today’s Diabetes Awareness Month prompt word – “check.”

My throat started to hurt last night so I decided to go to bed a little early. My blood glucose was in range so I tucked my pump in my pajama pants pocket and went to sleep. I woke up a few times throughout the night/early morning with a sore throat and a tingling ear. Each time my continuous glucose monitor (Dexcom CGM) showed my BG still in range so there was no need to look at my pump. Late this morning, I finally switched to the couch but I didn’t feel like eating breakfast brunch.

I didn’t even think about my pump until I heard a strange alarm coming from my pants pocket. Apparently an early bed time, a long night’s sleep, and a lazy morning will eventually trigger the 18 hr auto off feature on my pump. I guess it is probably helpful to check your pump even if you don’t plan to actually use it.

dmpad - day 2 - check

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