Diabetes Awareness Month – Photo a Day – Past

The prompt for the first day of November (Diabetes Awareness Month) was “past” so I started looking through my photos to find some pre-diagnosis scary-skinny pictures. On the way back through my timeline I found a picture I needed to share instead.

I wish I would have known about all the awesome people who were living with diabetes in California when I was first diagnosed, but unfortunately I didn’t find them until after I had moved out of state. Thankfully, each time I was back in town for a break or the holidays, we would arrange a meet-up. This was the first of a few we were able to have before Cherise moved out of state as well. It will forever be remembered as the meet-up where Cherise spilled an entire container of poppy seed dressing on my Fossil purse.

dmpad - day 1 - past

(pictured are George, me, Cherise, Cherise’s mini-me, and Jaimie)

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