Diabetes Awareness Month – Photo a Day – Travel

I took this picture on the 29th – I promise! *

dmpad - day 29 - travel

Travel can mean a lot of prep work when you have type 1 diabetes – even when the type of travel that you are doing is down a sledding hill on an intertube.

I had mostly been a Florida girl during my time with an insulin pump. There is not much opportunity for snow play there. When my family decided to go tubing during our Thanksgiving trip, I texted some of my friends with diabetes (and snow) to make sure that I was prepping properly. The only issue that I ended up dealing with was some low blood sugars from the extra exercise. Of course, I had packed my purse with enough snacks for the whole family so I was all set.

*Got hit hard with strep this week and could see the effects in my diabetes management more than I ever have before. It was very strange! Hope to write more about it soon to see if it has happened similarly to anyone else and get some better management ideas for next time I get knocked down.

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  • Sledding is very hard on blood sugar. Our girl can have hot chocolate before AND after sledding, with a temp basal and still end up chomping on the dex 4 tabs. The only thing with have found that we need to be careful of is to make sure her pump is tucked in well against her body to keep it warm. It tends to lose its prime if it gets cold. But then again it is common for us to be sledding when it’s -15 C outside.
    Hope your feeling better!

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