A different type of tumbler

Earlier this fall, I posted a picture on Instagram (and as a result, Facebook) of a drink tumbler I received at a local event. A few people asked if there was any way that they could purchase one, and at the time there was not. However, after some slight nagging on my part since then, it appears that there is some inventory to spare.

The office gave me a box of each of the sizes of tumblers to see if people were still interested. The taller one is 20 oz and is double-walled (so it doesn’t sweat!). I’ve only filled it with Diet Pepsi, but it says it can be used for cold or hot liquids. The shorter one is 12 oz and has a lid with a slider on it for sipping (coffee? bleck!)

Both sizes are $5.00 each. You will be able to pay online (if you want) and I will take care of the shipping. Send me an email if you want one and I will make sure you can ROCK a tumbler too.

Rock the Walk tumbler 20

Rock the Walk tumbler 12

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  • Oh, you know I will & way to ‘rock the walk!”
    Also: I now have the lyrics of “I’ll Tumble For Ya” in my head.
    So much so I actually youtubed it and now I can’t stop singing the song – So thanks for that!

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