Gluten free holidays

We are winding down the last few days of the holiday season. For me, this was also my first gluten free holiday season. And really? It wasn’t too hard and I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything.

I think that having an understanding family that was willing to make changes to the meal planning was definitely a huge factor and one for which I am very thankful.

gluten free holidaysFor Thanksgiving, my family rented a small cabin in the mountains of Southern California. Our meal arrived in pieces in coolers packed into the back of our cars with the rest of our supplies. My mom, sister in law, and I each brought a few dishes. The only thing I couldn’t have was the stuffing (which I’ve never liked anyway).

We made sure I served myself first and kept all the serving utensils in their original dishes to cut down on cross-contamination. My sister in law even saved me a baggie full of chocolate pie filling that I enjoyed sans-crust for dessert (Thanksgiving meal planning also written about here).

Fast forward to Christmas – again a collaborative effort of the family. My sister-in-law made an entirely gluten-free dinner to go with the brisket that my brother had cooked in the smoker. The parmesan crusted potatoes were so good, I don’t think anyone felt like they were missing out. I should probably also mention the homemade crème brûlée with raspberry sauce at this point too, right?

Christmas morning included cinnamon rolls for everyone and a breakfast casserole that only required a substitution of gluten free bread for the typical white bread. I made it the night before and it cooked while we opened presents. It really could not have been easier.

Later that day we joined some of the extended family for Christmas dinner. The only thing I couldn’t have during the meal was the rolls. For dessert, I tried making gluten free cake balls for the first time and enjoyed those while everyone else ate pie.

It’s easy for me to eat gluten free by myself, and it’s nice to see that it’s pretty easy to have gluten free holidays too.


  • Yay! I’m so glad you didn’t feel like you were missing out. One of my SILs has gluten issues too, and so when we hosted our family Christmas morning the casserole had hash browns instead of bread, and the cheese log went with those Nut Thins crackers (which I think are delicious and eat even though I don’t need GF)instead of Ritz, and dessert was Kerri’s Nutella flourless cake.

    It was actually super easy to accomodate, and gave me an excuse to make that cake. 😀

  • If by missing out, you mean that no one missed the gravy, you can make it with rice flour. It tastes the same and is easier to make because rice flour doesn’t clump. It’s always so appreciated when people support your efforts to stay healthy and don’t undermine them.

    Happy New Year

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