Moments of 2013

My blog name really does lend itself towards these wrap up posts, doesn’t it?

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite in the Best of the Best of the ‘Betes Blogs 2013 poll. I set the polls to close tonight at midnight, so you’ve only got a few hours left.

I spent last night looking back at my own personal moments of wonderful for the past year. These are the titles and first lines of the first posts of each month for the past year.


“Diabetes365” from Diabetes 365 – One Day More.


“Ten years ago tonight I almost died.” from Ten years and a new life.


“Step therapy. By that name you’d think I started a new exercise program.” from Step Therapy.


“In the past few weeks I have noticed an increase in comments around me related to the stereotypes and misconceptions about diabetes.” from Every time.


“I had the strangest dream Sunday night.” from Dexcom dreams.


“A few days ago, Scott Johnson contacted me on behalf of his friend Kyle Rose, asking if I would like to try out a new diabetes logging app – mySugr.” from mySugr Companion – Product Review.


“Did you know that a typical seven year old can tell time?” from At seven years old.


“It’s now published on the internet so it must be true.” from I am a French model.


“A concern from my endocrinologist during my appointment at the beginning of the summer sent me on a wild medical goose chase that ultimately sent me to clues from more than 20 years ago, but I think I am finally nearing a resolution.” from A gut feeling.


“I am selfishly a little glad that today is the annual No D Day (the day we take a break from writing about diabetes).” from No D Day 2013: No time.


“May the blood glucose levels be ever in your favor.” from From the Diabetes Awareness Month Capitol.


“Feed a cold; starve a fever? Or is it the reverse? And why don’t “they” tell you what to do about strep?” from Feed, starve, bolus.


Looking forward to months of exciting posts in the upcoming year!


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