Double juice box night

double juice boxI had a juice box (15 g) at the time marked at the left edge of the CGM graph (shortly after I tried to go to bed).

I had another juice box (15 g) around 6 am. From the graph I can tell I was low for longer than I feel comfortable being in that range. I wasn’t low enough to set off the Hypo Repeat alarm on the Dexcom (continuous alarm until acknowledged when under 55 mg/dL) so it took me a while to wake up. I also was not low for long enough to theoretically set off a low glucose suspend on a different device (that I do not have).

Sleep. Technology. Carbohydrates. It’s a delicate balance.


  • Diabetes would be a lot easier if it wasn’t such a moving target, no? It would be nice if our technology would either make an adjustment for us before we’re in the danger zone, or at least give us a little more of a warning when we need it. But it’s being worked on. Can’t happen soon enough.

  • So sorry about the two lows. I just experienced my lowest low and was so thankful that I was able to catch it. Here’s to better days and better numbers.

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