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I filled out my applications for graduate school while in the hospital recovering from DKA at diagnosis. Maybe that is the reason I feel an extra link between my career path and my diabetes. I knew I wanted to help students have the best college experience possible, and as I learned more about diabetes and its impact I knew there was a lot to be done to help college students with diabetes have the best experience possible.

American Diabetes AssociationThat is why I am thrilled to be participating in an upcoming webinar with the American Diabetes Association and the College Diabetes Network.

College Diabetes NetworkOn Wednesday February 5, 2014 we are presenting “Know Your Rights-for College Students with Diabetes.” It is a FREE one hour webinar that will cover the legal, administrative, and student perspective of college with diabetes.

There are already about 150 250 (and counting!) people who are planning to listen in, so if you or someone you love will be a college student with diabetes, please click this link to register and join us.


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