Dressing up

My appreciation for good accessories for my diabetes devices is not a new thing. In fact I have documented it many times before.

When I used the Medtronic pump, I bought several different pump skins (and posed for this AWFUL picture with the pre-Lenny Carl the Chameleon and a good friend). It was a fun way to dress up a boring device.

medtronic silicone skins
He said the matching outfits were an accident but I think he planned it.

The only problem, for me, was that to really get my money’s worth I would have to leave it on for a few weeks. It’s hard for me to find enough other accessories to match anything for that amount of time.

Well now Medtronic has come out with a new series of silicone skins in a variety of colors (with more colors planned for the future).

They fit snugly on the pump (similar to the *cough* silicone cases for the Dexcom 7+ *cough*) and the belt clip is still functional. It seems like an awesome accessory for anyone using a Medtronic pump who wants to add a little more variety to their life at a relatively low cost (less than $10).

P.S. No one offered me anything to write this post. I don’t have a Medtronic pump and so I obviously don’t have a silicone skin. I forgot about the skins until Meri posted a picture of one of her boys wearing one last night. Then I remembered that I had a picture I really wanted to share.


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