I heart sugar

On Saturday, I was up before the sun to volunteer at a local diabetes event. I spent most of the day running around the conference center and up and down the stairs. The extra bit of exercise did amazing things for my blood sugar and CGM graph. I continued to see the results the rest of the weekend – it just started to pick back up around dinner last night (Saturday night/Sunday morning on the left, Sunday night/Monday on the right).

H&H exercise

It’s extra appropriate then, that I found a bracelet I bought a few years ago and have started wearing it again.

i heart sugar


  • That’s a cool bracelet, Sara!

    For science, is it right that this happens because body movement makes the insulin move around better, or is it more on the cellular level or something with liver storage or what?

    Probably a combination?

    I’m still having a lot of trouble figuring out how to adjust for this kind of stuff. It seems like super-busy/active days are not a matter of subtle adjustment, say, 25% less basal but more like…80% less?

    But I guess this all goes out the window for someone who is not insulin sensitive?

    You just wanted to share your pretty bracelet, not give a science talk.

    • I’d totally give a science talk if I understood the science!

      I think that it is more of the cellular level type stuff. I was not doing heavy exercise so I don’t think it was my muscles using my liver’s glucose storage. As far as adjusting for it, I don’t think it is anything that we can ever work out 100%. If someone’s basal dose is .600 units and they reduce it by 25% that is only a reduction of .15 unit per hour. That may be why it isn’t a noticeable difference when we reduce it by a smaller percentage. Also, diabetes doesn’t make sense most of the time.

  • Elyssa was low the next couple days as well from playing with all the kids at Hope & Health. There is such a love hate relationship with exercise. I understand it’s necessary but it’s so hard to keep the lows away after lots of exercise. I love the bracelet by the way!

  • it was nice to meet you yesterday Sara at the Phoenix JDRF event. Your project sounds really cool and I will look into it!

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