It is weird when

site changeIt is weird when…

  • one third party medical equipment distributor cannot send my active prescription to another third party distributor because it violates my privacy rights. (Thus setting off the longest game of insurance musical chairs I’ve every experienced and has yet to be resolved.)
  • during the series of phone calls needed to resolve this insurance run-around, the customer service representative for one of the companies audibly sighs as she looks up information for me (after I had been on hold for 35 minutes to speak to a representative). As she sighs, she shares that “this is not a fun job.”  I have to remind her that for some of us we have other jobs and have to take time AWAY from our jobs for tasks like because we have no other choice.

Weird is the nicest word I could think of for both of the above circumstances!


  • I can’t get my glasses directly from my opthomologist. Why? Who knows? It’s an insurance rule. My Sleep specialist can’t provide my CPAP supplies, even though he sells them for less than the company the insurance says I have to buy them from. I must buy all my medications in a three month supply or pay for them out of pocket. However, metformin can only be supplied in one month quantities. Why? You got me. The system is whacked and recent laws have only complicated things. I pity those of us who must navigate the system. I especially pity the people who get screamed at everyday because the system they work in is making the rest of us crazy.

  • After becoming demonstratively angry with my prescription provider over the weekend, I completely understand where you’re coming from. I had to remind the phone rep that if my prescription isn’t filled, their company won’t make a profit. They still didn’t fill it.

  • I did the exact same thing this month. I finally got pump supplies, but the company that the third party distributor goes through doesn’t do sensors for cgm. Now I have to find those.

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