It seems like every few months, my diabetes supply stash gets absolutely out of control. Empty boxes that formerly held pump supplies and empty test strip boxes dominate the shelf.

(this photo is shockingly not staged)

organize before

When you are running perpetually late for work in the morning and just need to do a quick site change, throwing away an empty box isn’t really a priority.

Well, I was reading Zakary’s blog, Raising Colorado, and she posted about a beautiful solution for her daughter’s pump supplies. She made an excellent point (and one she discovered after 6 months of pumping, and not 10 years), there really is no reason to keep the cluttered, impossible to open, half-ripped boxes anyway. Her solution included a trip to Target and bins that were on clearance, and that’s really all it took for me to know that it was the solution for me too.

labeled reorganization

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

organize after

Spring cleaning, diabetes style.


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