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Life has been very busy around here lately. It has all been a good busy, but busy nonetheless.

I’m sure there are awareness months for just about everything, but May contains two that are very important to the diabetes community.

First, it is Celiac Awareness Month. I have not been diagnosed with celiac disease but choose to eat gluten free to resolve other health issues. Although I experience some side effects if I have been “glutened” it is nothing like someone with celiac disease. Ten percent of people with diabetes also have celiac disease and it is possible that over 80 percent of people with celiac disease have been misdiagnosed with another condition or don’t know they have it!! Please watch this video put together by the You Can Do This Project to help spread awareness, support, and education.

Second, it is Mental Health Awareness Month. Again, people with diabetes are at an increased risk for mental health issues. One study found that diabetes DOUBLES a person’s risk for depression. Please support all the people bringing awareness to mental health issues this month including several that will be published by the You Can Do This Project.

Can you tell I’m a big You Can Do This Project fan?

You Can Do This Project

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