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secret nascar fan
Side note: Not Ryan Reed. Not Junior either (*swoon*).

Most people don’t know about my appreciation for a good stock car race. For the first few years of my life I lived much closer to my extended family. I don’t remember much about that time, but I do remember watching NASCAR at my grandma’s place.

During my job in Florida, there was one apartment that I lived in where I wasn’t able to get cable TV reception. The only shows I could watch was what I was able to capture on the antennas and so I got back in the habit of watching the Sunday afternoon races. During a conference that brought me to Ohio several years ago, I even watched a few of my favorite drivers in an exhibition on a dirt track.

Some people with diabetes might get their inspiration from an Olympic level cross-country skier, from an American Idol finalist, or from a world-class triathlete. I like that there’s a guy out there on the oval relying on his pit crew to give him fresh insulin when they give him fresh tires (top off his insulin when they top off his fuel? Insert other NASCAR slang here).

* This is also a NASCAR term. When a caution flag goes up, the first driver who is a lap behind gets to catch up to the lead lap.*

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  • Whenever I travel and my friend Linda is unable to take care of Abby the Black Lab, she goes to Lucky Dog Kennel in Bloomington, Minnesota. Now I’ll always think of Ryan Reed when I drop her off. (Actually my friend Linda is so wonderful that Abby hasn’t been to Lucky Dog Kennel in quite a few years. But they take good care of her.)

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