Last night and ancient history

This is a screenshot of the website displaying my data from my CGM in the cloud. I tend to be a side-sleeper and as much as I try to avoid sleeping on the side with the sensor, sometimes it happens. Because of the additional pressure on the sensor, it often displays incorrect readings as a result. Last night I woke up to the in-app alarms of Nightscout letting me know that my blood sugar was predicted to be below 80 mg/dL for the next 30 minutes (the blue line).

nightscout alarms

Even half-asleep and with only one eye open I could tell that the sudden drop could not have been accurate. I silenced the alarm, rolled back over, and got another successful hour of sleep.

Side note: I have seen a few search terms on my blog related to where someone can “get” or “purchase” CGM in the cloud. The easiest place to start is the Facebook group or the support forum. People there are very helpful identifying the pieces that need to be purchased and how to set up the system.

In other news…

Team TriSaraTops Diabetes is back from extinction and back to fundraising.

I certainly don’t want to end up on the tricera-bottom of the team fundraising list.

August walk donations(click on the picture to donate)

What do you call a dinosaur who never gives up on collecting walk donations?
A try-try-try-ceratops!


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