That was a first

… and hopefully a last!

I’ve been pumping for over 10 years now and for the first time I left my house this weekend without my pump on.

I was headed out to run errands a few hours after breakfast. I had just finished getting ready for the day, which explains why I had my pump off in the first place. I had packed a snack in my purse (like you do) and was watching my BG on my wrist with my CGM in the Cloud.

My blood sugar was hovering around the 90s and low 100s so I had no idea anything was wrong until about three hours after I left the house when trying to bolus for my snack. I did the quick waistband check and almost couldn’t believe I didn’t have my pump on. In fact, it wasn’t until I checked the actual infusion site and saw that nothing was attached that I actually convinced myself.

the missing basal rise
The much anticipated BG rise as I got back in my car to head home and grab my pancreas.

I got home and got back connected as soon as I could. I was in the mid 200s at that point which I thought was pretty remarkable. I bolused a correction dose and got a big glass of water. It makes sense that when I checked I had a small amount of ketones because I had been without insulin for several hours. It took a few more corrections over several hours, a few more glasses of water, and a small snack to get everything back on track.

I thought about why my BG didn’t rise quicker or tip me off sooner to the problem and I came up with one main reason that saved the situation from being any worse than it was. My breakfast bolus from that morning included a BG correction dose. That meant that I had insulin on board that covered more than just the food I had eaten. Basal insulin doesn’t really have an effect until about three hours later so it makes sense that the most dramatic effect didn’t start until that time. My silly mistake finally caught up with me.

Since it took over a decade for me to make this mistake, I hope it takes another decade before I make it again.


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