Good as gold

I don’t think that I’ve carried my blood glucose meter in the actual meter case for four or five years now. A coin purse or wristlet is a lot easier to find at the bottom of a dark purse than a black case. Seeing a fun case (it was a Diet Coke themed change purse before the current option) also adds a small amount of joy to what can sometimes be an annoying or frustrating task.

I like this case for the cupcake theme but I wish it had an inside pocket to hold the used test strips. I try to empty the used strips into the empty test strip canister when I start a new one but I don’t always remember and the “collection” grows.

When your test strips are gold, it’s difficult to clean them out.

diabetes blog week - day 3

Special cupcake shout out in honor of the weekend nuptials.

Yesterday we kept stuff in, so today let’s clear stuff out. What is in your diabetic closet that needs to be cleaned out? This can be an actual physical belonging, or it can be something you’re mentally or emotionally hanging on to. Why are you keeping it and why do you need to get rid of it?

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