Lilly Diabetes Journey Award DiaversaryToday is my diaversary. It was fourteen years ago that I was finally accurately diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and given my first dose of life-saving insulin.

A few months ago, and only a few years late, I received my 10 year Lilly Diabetes Journey Award medal (application here).

At work, and along with people affected with type 1 diabetes around the world, we have been mourning the death of tireless diabetes advocate, Mary Tyler Moore. Similar to me, she was also diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as an adult. One of the most inspirational parts of her story for me is that she did not let diabetes stop her from living the life and having the career she wanted. I imagine that it was scary for the producers to fund projects she was involved in when they were unsure about her health and how diabetes might impact the production. Her success paved the way for other people with type 1 diabetes to follow their dreams. She was one of the first to prove that people with diabetes can do anything that anyone else can do, just with a little extra planning.

While still in the hospital fourteen years ago, my first endocrinologist told me to go on my planned road trip vacation that was only a few days away. His idea was that I could have diabetes anywhere, so I may as well take it with me where I wanted to go.

Let’s see where I can take it before celebrating my fifteenth year.


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