Wordless Wednesday: Top of the hill

JDRF Ride to Cure picture

The picture is entertaining enough without additional context but here is one for each mile.

  1. This was the first time I had been on my bike since the big ride – other than one short ride that was two days after the event.
  2. It turns out you are not supposed to take off the entire winter from riding.
  3. I have a trainer to ride indoors, I just never exactly felt like using it.
  4. This was the same ride route that officially started my training last year too.
  5. While we were riding someone asked us if we were in a race.
  6. I thought they were asking because of our somewhat matching jerseys.
  7. It turns out they were asking because my number from November is still on my helmet and bike.
  8. I am not the only one.
  9. Last year I didn’t make it to this spot – had my head between my knees about a mile earlier.
  10. I thought about stopping in that same spot this year, but I kept going.
  11. I guess I’m not all the way back to zero.
  12. However, I was more than happy to stop at this point and pose for some selfies and group shots at my favorite sign.
  13. I actually have gone down this hill a few times (and it is fast!) but it’s actually the uphill that is the real trouble spot.
  14. What I like most about this spot is that from here all the way home is entirely downhill.
  15. While a few of us are enjoying our photo session in the foreground of the picture, three of my teammates are actually attempting to conquer the hill in the background.

    .9. If this picture is not characteristic of my riding style and ability, I don’t know what is.

If you’d like to support my “wow – they myst really mean it when they say anyone can do this” ride fundraising effort, you can do that here. I’d ask you to help me ride some of the miles too, but I can’t quite figure out the logistics for that part.

JDRF Ride to Cure - Mile 0

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