Diabetes Advocate

I am passionate about being an advocate in the diabetes community.

An advocate is one who speaks on behalf of a group or a cause. More importantly, the Greek word in the Bible used for advocate means one who defends or comforts another person.

My advocacy may look different from others in the diabetes community. I am not likely to jump on the bandwagon for every error perpetrated by the uninformed media but will passionately pursue the issues closest to my heart – raising money for a cure through the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), the integration of faith and chronic illness, and the power and benefit of social media involvement.

I have been an invited member of the Roche Social Media Summit. Among other advocacy efforts, in October 2010, I spoke to the Greater Miami Area Diabetes Educators on the topic of identifying and using helpful applications and web-based communication tools with their patients. I have been cited in an article by the TSA about traveling safely with diabetes and in an article by the JDRF about healthy eating in college.

Perhaps my strongest advocacy is what I chronicle on this website. I advocate for the fact that diabetes cannot stop you from living your life.

If you would like to know more about my advocacy efforts in the diabetes community, please view my Diabetes Advocate resume.


  • Hi

    We like your blog and would like to add you to our distribution list for research announcements. This is a no-hassle offer: periodically (once every month or so) we distibute press releases or stories on diabetes research at Joslin Diabetes Center (www.joslin.org). The distribution list helps us ensure that the information gets to people writing in the blogosphere, who might otherwise not pick up on a story that might be worth writing about. If you’re interested, please shoot me your email.


    Jeff Bright
    Director, Communications
    Joslin Diabetes Center

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