Taking the Kids to the San Diego Zoo

My mom and I took Abigail and Daniel down to San Diego to go to the zoo. We met my friend Melissa there with her kids so we were outnumbered – 3 adults for 4 kids! We had a great time though.

I think by this time they were already tired of Auntie taking their picture!

Elizabeth and Caitlin were probably the only members of our group whose feet were not exhausted by the end of the day. Riding in style!

Notice the coordinating animal print clothing on the kids courtesy of Grandma 🙂

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

I just got back from my trip to California. Boy, summer is sure different when you are a grown-up and you only get a specific amount of vacation days! 🙂
I definitely made the best of them, arriving on Abigail’s birthday and being there long enough to celebrate Daniel’s birthday as well. The kids are all great and growing like weeds. I taught Abby and Daniel to say Okeechobee so they can find Auntie on their globe. For those of you who are geography deficient, the easiest way to figure out where I live is to find the lake towards the bottom of the state (Lake Okeechobee) and I live close to the bottom right corner. Sometimes Daniel says Obi-Wan Kenobi instead – but I think that is his dad’s Star Wars influence!

Baby Andrew (Tank) loves his Grandma and coos every time he sees her!

P.S. I have TONS of pictures so this is going to take several posts. (I took 203 but I guess you don’t have to see all of them) 🙂

I Can’t Help It!

My dad sent me these pictures and I could not resist posting them. They are from his recent visit to my brother’s for his 27th birthday! 🙂

More to come from my trip to CA!

On Friday, I went to the Sound Advice Amphitheatre…

On Friday, I went to the Sound Advice Amphitheatre to see Rascal Flatts in concert. Gary Allan and The Wreckers opened for them. I am not a huge Gary Allan fan, but The Wreckers were pretty good. Random fact: when I saw the Dixie Chicks, Michelle Branch opened for them and now she is part of a country group herself. I had seen Rascal Flatts before during the KZLA Country Bash a few years ago, but because they were part of an all day event they did not play very many songs (or so I thought). After Friday night’s show, I now know that they just play a REALLY short show! It was pretty good though, although they had a sad set where they played all their slow songs (Sarabeth, I’m Moving On, Bless the Broken Road). I really wanted them to play Backwards – oh well, maybe next time. This ticket was part of a set – up next Brad Paisley on August 4th!

And now for the pictures you have all been waiting for – the famous cats with their summer shave. I tried to get good shots, but they were not being very cooperative. It was almost like they were embarrassed or something :). Oh well, it is already growing out quite a bit. Enjoy!

I forgot to include these pictures. They are my …

I forgot to include these pictures. They are my new favorites!

Now that it is summer and I have a little more fre…

Now that it is summer and I have a little more free time I am going to try to get in the habit of updating my blog.
During the “winter” and spring the weather was not much different than California, but now that it is summer the humidity has set in. We have had temperatures in the upper 80s for a while now, and it rains pretty much every day. I have learned very quickly not to go anywhere without my umbrella. You can leave to go somewhere and see blue skies but by the time you are ready to leave it will be pouring!
It is very odd to go to work everyday on a college campus when there are no students around but I am sure getting a lot done.
My summer break in CA is scheduled for June 27th – July 9th. I fly in on Abigail’s 5th birthday and out on my Dad’s birthday – good timing if I do say so myself.
Enjoy my latest pictures from Florida and ones sent to me from California.

These are from Easter when my aunt and cousins came for a visit from New York. Being so used to California ocean water, the fact that you can actually see the bottom is AMAZING!

My mom sent me this picture of Matt, Jennine, and the kids from Easter Sunday. Notice how the boys are in matching outfits and the girls are as well. I am told that Daniel was very excited about his shoes – his first big boy shoes (I think this is because they are loafers)!

This the the 2006 Steering Committee. This group is responsible for planning Welcome Week for about 700 freshmen in August. They are a great team and this year is looking to be the best Welcome Week this school has seen!

This is an old picture of my “babies” but it is one of my favorites. I will try to upload a new pic soon. They got their summer haircuts last week (read: shaved) and look a little like aliens now it is very amusing!


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