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Let’s ignore for a moment that I haven’t posted in two months. Working in diabetes all day takes a bit of the motivation away from writing about it at night. Unfortunately something happened last night to bring a little of the motivation back to the surface. I was invited to tell my story on a local diabetes radio show. Typically when I share my story I share about the importance of diabetes education – education for the general public about the signs and symptoms of diabetes and continued education for people after they are diagnosed. Those two things would have … Continue Reading →

Good as gold

I don’t think that I’ve carried my blood glucose meter in the actual meter case for four or five years now. A coin purse or wristlet is a lot easier to find at the bottom of a dark purse than a black case. Seeing a fun case (it was a Diet Coke themed change purse before the current option) also adds a small amount of joy to what can sometimes be an annoying or frustrating task. I like this case for the cupcake theme but I wish it had an inside pocket to hold the used test strips. I try … Continue Reading →

Busy work

It looks like I am going to be playing blog post catch up for the rest of Diabetes Blog Week. I thought I’d get caught up Tuesday and Wednesday’s posts on my plane ride Wednesday afternoon (#itstartedwithcupcakes) but I could feel the eyes of the guy in the middle seat repeatedly drifting over to my computer screen and that didn’t make for very comfortable writing. I knew it wasn’t just my imagination when he asked me about the work project I had decided to tackle instead. Speaking of work… When I first started blogging, I had just moved across the … Continue Reading →

I can

(Let’s ignore for the moment that my last post was just over 2 months ago and get right to Diabetes Blog Week) I can. Several health care professionals (HCPs) really botched my type 1 diabetes diagnosis just over twelve years ago. After those mistakes however, I had several doctors, nurses, and other HCPs who helped to instill in me the perspective that I use to live with type 1 diabetes and I am very thankful for their influences. When my very first endocrinologist encouraged me to go on the road trip I had already planned with my friends, it planted … Continue Reading →

Give where you live

Today is #dblogcheck day. As the diabetes online community grows and changes, I am thankful for the opportunity of days like today to check in with each other and get to meet new friends. When Alecia was here last week for her presentation, and after the Britney Spears concert, we were hanging out and I was sharing some of my favorite stories from some of my other diabetes meet-ups. The oddest thing kept happening though – she didn’t really know any of the people I was talking about. I forget how long I’ve been part of this diabetes online community. … Continue Reading →

Four more

It appears that the last meme I completed was – conveniently enough for THIS meme – four year ago. Four names people call me other than my real name: Sirah (by extended family members, in reference to the wine) Auntie (but never Aunt) Smalls (college BFF, Sandlot) That’s it. It’s really hard to nickname a name like Sara, so years ago I came up with a rule. If I ever have a daughter, her name has to have a i in it (in case she wants to dot it with a heart in junior high) and it has to be … Continue Reading →