Real Life Bloggers

I love meeting diabetes bloggers “in real life.” The list in the sidebar was getting out of control and so I think the full list deserves a page of its own.

Type 1 Bloggers

(Buzz, Buzz) Not My Cell
A Consequence of Hypoglycemia
B.A.D. Blog – Ninjabetic
Bitter~Sweet Diabetes
C’s Life with D
Canadian D-gal
Chortling Towards Bethlehem
Dam Diabetes
Diabetically Speaking
Every Day Every Hour Every Minute
Jeff Mather
just same changes
Lemonade Life
LifeAfterDx – CGM Chronicles
Me and D
randomly capitalizeD
Scott’s Diabetes
Scott’s Web Log
Six Until Me
Strangely Diabetic
Sweetly Voiced
Tenaciously Sweet
Texting My Pancreas
The Butter Compartment
The D-log Cabin
The Diabetes Talkfest Blog
The Girl with the Portable Pancreas
The Life of a Diabetic
Typical Type 1
Victoria Cumbow
What Some Would Call Lies

Type 1.5/LADA Bloggers

A Day in the Life
Ask Manny
Bab’s Blog
Cherise (Diabetic_Iz_Me)
The Poor Diabetic

Type 2 Bloggers

David Mendosa
Diabetes Power Show
My Diabetic Heart
T Minus Two
Tales of Rachel
Wildly Fluctuating

Type Awesome Bloggers

Arden’s Day
Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes
Bleeding Finger
Candy Hearts
Chronicles of D-Boy and Ribbon
D-Mom Blog
Despite Diabetes
Life is Like a Box of Chocolates
My Diabetic Child
My Sweet Bean and Her Pod
Neurotic City
Our Diabetic Life
Stick with it Sugar
This is Caleb
Your Diabetes May Vary

… and hopefully many, many more to be added soon…


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