Just write

It’s a long story (that’s what happens when you haven’t posted in eleven and a half months), but I was on a 36 hour round trip adventure with my mom to Southern California and back and we needed something to listen to on the drive when we got sick of Christmas carols. I suppose I should mention that this was about a month ago. I typically listen to podcasts on long drives, but most of them are serialized (unintentional Serial pun) so it wouldn’t really be fair to my mom to make her listen. Instead, I downloaded the audio version … Continue Reading →

Creeping is Caring

Am I the last person on earth to embrace the wide world of podcasting?    I will admit that I did not really “get” it. So what is a podcast? I guess the best way to describe it is that podcasting is to radio what blogging is to magazines and newspapers.   On the way back from the Roche Summit, George convinced me to give podcasts a chance and let me borrow his iPhone to make it happen.   I was able to listen to a couple of episodes of Just Talking – the fabulous work of Chris “iam_spartacus” aka … Continue Reading →