The 3 Best HCG Drops for Weight Loss – Diet Guidance & Reviews

You may be wondering how HCG drops can help you lose weight. A diet is a diet, right? And if you eat fewer calories than you burn, you’ll succeed? It’s not that simple. Not all diets are the same.

The HCG weight loss program is more than “just a diet.” The HCG diet benefits you by working in a unique way for fast, safe, and healthy weight loss.

As you struggle through a crash diet or the first few days of a very low-calorie diet, you probably won’t actually lose weight.

In many cases, when you restrict your calories, your metabolism slows down, you lose muscle, and you store fat. And while the pounds may drop off at first, this is mainly water.

Unfortunately, the excess fat remains – stubbornly clinging to problem areas and difficult to shift. Weight loss can be hard, but HCG diet drops give you a helping hand.

This supplement usually contains the glycoprotein hormone HCG. While several companies use amino acids to mimic the function of this hormone, these elements are designed to convert fat into energy and speed up the metabolism.

You don’t have to be expecting to make use of HCG. Women can take advantage of HCG’s weight-loss powers when they’re not pregnant, and men can also use HCG for weight loss.

That’s because HCG works in a unique way to help you shed the pounds. HCG effectively liquefies fat and turns it into energy you can use.

The 3 Best HCG Drops on the Market

The HCG diet is one of the best solutions to treat obesity. Most dieters on HCG will lose at least 1 pound of fat a day. Unfortunately, there are many providers, both online and over the counter sells low-quality HCG drops.

The actual weight loss you can gain from HCG depends on the quality of your HCG product. You should consider reviews and brand credibilities to make sure you are buying a quality product.

During the last 5 years, these three brands have build a solid reputation in the market, among others:

1. HCG Complex

Review Using HCG-Complex

The HCG Complex is manufactured by a company called Biosource Labs. The drops have engendered a loyal following at the nation’s largest retailer. 

These weight loss drops are sold in more than 5 countries and come in two ounce bottles. 

The price for a bottle is $29.95 not including tax and shipping and handling. 

The reviews of the supplement are generally favorable; the product has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. This rating of course shows they have the best HCG drops.

2. Nu Image Medical

Nu Image Medical Drops
Nu Image HCG Diet Results

Nu Image Medical has their own hCG clinic in Florida, United States. They only offer real hCG drops with the real hormone, not the homeopathic one. 

This is perhaps the safest alternative because you can discuss your personal health questions with their licensed doctor beforehand. 

Their doctor will be able to tell you which form of hCG is right for you and your weight loss goals. 

Also, depending on your weight loss plan, you may be offered three different types of options, the drops, the injections, or the pellets.

3. HCG Triumph

HCG-diet-triumph Review from Customers

This FDA facility-registered company, Triu Naturals, produces a homeopathic hCG drop under the brand name of HCG Triumph

Like the other companies, they have a variety of packages with its most popular option being the 60-day program that contains two 2 ounce bottles, a quick start guide and a copy of Dr. Simeons’ book Pounds & Inches. 

This treatment costs $109.95 and Triumph brand has other options from as low as $49.95 for a 15 day package.

How Does HCG Diet Works?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin works with the hypothalamus gland, which controls body fat. This is the gland which controls over hunger, growth, body temperature, and the cycles of day and night among other functions. The control over appetite and metabolism is what we’re interested in.

HCG sends signals to the hypothalamus to conserve lean muscle mass and use body fat as energy. HCG retunes your body, so you break down the fat stored in those problem areas like the butt, thighs, and stomach – areas where fat tends to stick.

The hormone HCG mobilizes stored fat and redistributes it, so your waist and hips shrink. Furthermore, you won’t lose essential fat, such as the protective covering for your vital organs.

The Challenge

To succeed with the diet, one has to follow a very low-calorie diet (VLCD).

HCG, when paired with a 500-calorie diet, stimulates the release of stored abnormal fat which is burned for energy making up for the lack of daily calories.

Without the HCG supplement, this type of diet will be harmful and will cause the loss of healthy fat and muscle tissue.

Moreover, the additives found in most processed foods remove natural HCG from the body. Not only is such food fattening – it makes it fat loss difficult. Sometimes antibiotics and alcohol can cause yeast overgrowth, which destroys HCG.

Thus, supplementation of HCG is necessary during this process.

HCG diet drops also make the calories in the food you eat available for fuel instead of keeping them in reserve for your fat stores.

With the usable energy HCG diet drops provide, you carry on with your regular life without feeling exhausted. Even on a very low-calorie diet, you still won’t feel like you’re starving.

If you follow a very low-calorie diet without taking HCG diet drops, you risk your body rebelling against you, storing fat and slowing down your metabolism.

While it’s true you can lose weight by eating fewer calories than you expend, the diet-busting risk is high. HCG drops also cut your appetite so you won’t be tempted to break the diet with high-calorie snacks – HCG tricks the body into believing it’s consuming all the calories it needs, so you lose weight on your low-calorie diet.

HCG Drops or Injections?

When it comes to taking HCG, drops are preferable to injections for many people. For starters, if you’ve got a phobia of needles, you’re unlikely to look forward to your dose of HCG on a regular basis.

Drops are painless, and they don’t take up your valuable time by making you go to a clinic for an injection appointment.

You get almost the same effect and 90% results from drops as you do from injections. Make it as easy as possible to comply with the HCG protocol – losing weight is hard enough without being a slave to anxiety-causing injections.

How to Start the HCG Diet Drops?

The HCG diet goes through three phases:

  • The overeating phase, which lasts for two days;
  • The 500 calorie phase, which lasts from three to five weeks; and
  • The maintenance phase, which lasts for three weeks.

During the first two days, the dieter is recommended to overeat so that the HCG drops can get used to the normal fat stores.

Over the next month, the dieter should only eat 500 calories a day as the HCG helps remove stored fat.

Finally, during the maintenance period, the dieter can increase caloric intake, just as long as sugar and starch are avoided.

The Complete HCG Phases and Guidances

PHASE 1 (2 days)

Takes 10 drops of HCG three times a day as needed for hunger or energy. Place the drops under your tongue and hold for about 60 seconds before swallowing the remaining liquid.

For best results, do not drink or eat anything 10 minutes before or after taking the drops.

During this phase, eat as many calories as you can to allow your body to absorb the HCG properly.

This phase is also essential to ensure that your body has easily accessible fat during the low-calorie phase of the diet.

Recommended foods include bread, peanut butter, butter, cream, cake, and fudge.

PHASE 2 (21 days or 40 days)

Phase 2 is the low-calorie phase of the diet, and it lasts for 21 or 40 days, depending on how much weight you have to lose. During this phase, you should lose ½-3 pounds a day (1-2 pounds on average).

  • If you have 15-20 pounds to lose, follow the diet for 21 days.
  • If you have 20 or more pounds to lose, follow the diet for 40 days BUT only take the HCG drops 6 of the days each week; on the 7th day, follow the diet but do not use the drops. This prevents the body from becoming immune to the HCG.
  • If you do not reach your desired weight after 40 days, take a 3-week break before resuming the diet.

You should also take your drops with the same instructions as per Phase 1.

During this phase of the diet, eat 2 servings of Protein each day, 2 servings of Bread each day, 2 servings of Vegetable each day, and 2 servings of Fruit each day plus drink at least 2 liters of fluid each day.

The best way method is to just drink a beverage item for breakfast, eat one of each of the food items for lunch, and eat one of each of the food items for dinner. The permitted beverage and food items are listed below.

Eating the carefully selected foods from Dr. Simeons’ Original 500 Calorie HCG Diet – combined with HCG drops – will ensure that your body gets the necessary nutrients.

Eating foods not on this list or eating more than allotted per day will reduce your weight loss or even cause you to gain weight.

Beverages and Seasonings (unlimited)

Consume at least 2 liters of fluid each day.

  • Water (preferably distilled)
  • Stevia and Saccharin ONLY (no Splenda or other artificial sweeteners)
  • Sparkling Water (mineral)
  • Any spices that do not contain sugar
  • Black Coffee
  • Gum made with xylitol
  • Tea (from a teabag)

Proteins (two 100 gram servings per day)

Do not consume the same protein for both lunch and dinner. Remove all fat before cooking. Do not use any oil, butter, sugar, etc.

  • Chicken
  • White Fish (Tilapia, Halibut)
  • Steak
  • Shrimp
  • Extra Lean Ground Beef
  • Crab
  • Veal
  • Lobster

Vegetarian Substitutions: Cottage cheese (½ cup), non-fat plain yogurt (½ cup), or milk (8 ounces).

Breads (2 servings per day)

No exceptions.

  • Melba Toast (1 slice)
  • Grissini Breakstick (1)

Vegetables (2 servings per day)

Do not mix vegetables. One serving equals 2 cups of green salad, ½ cabbage, 1 tomato, 1 cucumber, or 1 onion.

  • Tomatoes
  • Green Salad
  • Celery
  • Spinach
  • Cucumbers
  • Cabbage
  • Asparagus
  • Beet Greens
  • Fennel
  • Chard
  • Onions
  • Chicory
  • Red Radishes

Fruits (2 servings per day)

  • Apple
  • Grapefruit (½)
  • Orange
  • Strawberries (1 handful)

PHASE 3 (21 days)

Stop taking the HCG drops now that you have reached your desired weight. During this phase, avoid all sugar and starch but slowly increase your calorie intake and add foods back into your diet one at a time.


After you have completed the HCG diet, weigh yourself each morning and, if you ever gain 2 pounds or more, perform a “steak day”.

Steak Day

Do not eat or drink anything throughout the day except for water. Eat a large steak for dinner. Later that night, you may have either an apple or a tomato. By the next morning, you should be back down to your lowest achieved weight.

The Side Effects of HCG Diet

Most people who hear about a Very Low-Calorie Diet (VLCD) have red flags go up. Isn’t consuming only 500 calories per day incredibly unhealthy and dangerous?

Surely there must be a ton of HCG side effects if you follow this program, right? Well, if you are questioning the lower calories, you should be!

Yes, consuming only 500 calories would be unhealthy, but on this diet, you are actually still providing your body with a couple of thousand calories per day, which is all that you need.

You may or may not be familiar with a double-blind study conducted by Dr. Belluscio? Half of his volunteers took a placebo while the other half were given HCG, and there really wasn’t much in the way of side effects to speak of.

HCG is a hormone that is found naturally in the body, so it’s not like you are introducing some foreign matter to it as you do with diet pills. HCG Diet Drops work by converting bad fat into calories. This gives your body calories to use for energy, thereby allowing you to burn fat.

If you try to do a VLCD without the HCG, you are essentially just starving yourself. This deprives your organs and muscles of nutrients, causes you to be tired and is just unhealthy any way you look at it!

What are the Side Effects?

Although the majority of people who participate in the HCG Diet experience absolutely no side effects, some do report minor ones, such as:

  • Headache – A very mild headache may be experienced, but it rarely lasts more than the first two days. The main culprit behind this is dehydration. Since you are reducing your calorie intake, it’s crucial to increase the amount of water you drink every day.
  • Constipation – Again, this is common when lowering calories for any type of diet. Water and fiber are key!
  • Leg Cramps – Although it is rare, some people experience cramping in their legs. Water and a good multivitamin can help.
  • Reduced Energy – If you are like the majority of people who participate in the HCG Diet, you will find that you actually have more energy. However, some people feel a lack of energy, the first one to two days. Make sure you get plenty of rest and remember that exercise is not recommended.

Is it Safe?

If you are still wondering if there are HCG Diet dangers, you are not alone. It’s good to be skeptical and ask questions about a product. (For more answers, please refer to Frequently Asked Questions.) That being said, there are good reasons why the popularity of this diet has exploded. It’s safe, inexpensive, and it actually works!

In the past, there have been side effects like blood clots and increased blood pressure associated with HCG injections administered by doctors. These drops offer a much smaller dosage than what you receive in an injection, so they are safer, which is why they don’t require a prescription.


HCG Diet Drops are easy to use. Simply put the drops under your tongue about 15 to 30 minutes before a meal, and your body receives a constant flow of the hormone. This is much more convenient and comfortable than going to the doctor for shots!

There are virtually no HCG Diet dangers you need to be concerned with.

Of course, you should be in good health to go on this or any other diet and always speak with your medical care provider first if you have diabetes, high blood pressure or any other medical concern. Don’t wait another minute to start losing up to two pounds per day!

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